My seascapes have been developed from drawings and paintings produced from observation in Cornwall. I love the dramatic nature of the sea and the continuously changing beach. I like the fact that I have to work quickly and decisively as the light and water levels change rapidly; take too long and you have a confused and laboured study. I am particularly interested in how the land meets the water, the reflections in the pools of water, the marks and textures left by the tide. It is a real challenge to capture the drama of the wind and the sea, and the ever changing light.

*All prices include framing.

** All materials are high quality - artist quality paint, acid free paper, 10oz cotton duck canvas stretched by myself and professionally framed.

They keep on rolling in

'They Keep on Rolling In' Acrylic on canvas 96 x 96 cm £2000 framed

Sophie Parr - Receding Tide(Patchings)

'Receding Tide' acrylic on canvas 96 x 96cm £1500


Award winner Patchings 2018

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Sale £200

Sale £200

Sale £200